I woke up in a castle on a hill, and the second I opened my eyes, the walls began to morph around me, shifting from the old to the new. Shimmering glass towers collapsed and gave rise to a striking city skyline. Medieval stones under my feet became a slick sidewalk winding along a street live bustling with urban life. With every step I took, I changed too; little by little, until I felt fully transformed.

My reality warped slightly with every door I opened. Was this really happening, or was it just a reflection of who I was at that given moment? It was hard to tell. Every morning, I faced a new enigmatic me. I weaved threads of my understanding into the fabric of the city, walking through endless gateways of the present moment, always looking towards the horizon.


Afka style. For urban travellers between occasions, territories, phases and opportunities. Speaking the language of travel design, contemporary convenience and versatility. Locally-crafted by experienced hands. Strictly using sustainable certified-new or upcycled old materials. Absolutely vanity-free – a style that morphs to fit a changing world.

Dress for the change you want. Move from one look to the next with confidence. Adjust on the go and slip into the next occasion with ease. Transition seamlessly. Wear your confidence. Make change fit, sustainably. Afka.


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